Shining Community

For me, the sense of living or being in a ‘community’ had become something that I associated with the past. In the past, people living in tight-knit neighbourhoods shared this sense of caring, support and encouragement together. These days, it is difficult to know the names of your neighbours, let alone borrow a cup of sugar from them. On the train nowadays you hardly ever see younger adults stand up and vacate their seat for an elderly person or offer to help carry their heavy grocery bags.

At Shine Music School, I have come to feel a sense of this long-lost community. The feeling I get when parents and students help each other out, and in particular, help me out, is a comforting feeling. When a parent offered to help me carry a rather heavy, filled up box of recycling material all the way to the bin whilst a student help open the door for me, I was truly touched. At the school, the growing familiarity with all of the students and parents has become a shining community – one in which people care about each other and help each other out.


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