While you’re waiting…

How a person behaves whilst they are waiting can tell you a lot about that person. It also depends on what you are waiting for – people tend to dread waiting for the dentist or the doctor, but enjoy waiting at a coffee shop or shopping centre for their friends and family. I’ve never had to wait for a music lesson before, as I had to go to my violin teacher’s house, and he simply put down his things and began to teach.

Observing students from the front desk, as they wait at Shine Music School has become a somewhat hobby of mine. Younger creative students like to sit and draw or colour in, asking questions about things that I do (i.e. Why do you type so fast!? or What are you reading on the computer?), whilst high school students tend to sit and read a book, or stare off into space. Adults come right on time, having to wait less than a minute or so. Siblings – usually having to wait the most – are the most interesting. One set of brothers in particular, always come in at least 15 minutes earlier and have both of their woodwind instruments set up within 5. They both wander around the entire bottom floor, instruments strapped onto them. When the one of the brothers is having his lesson, the other brother pretends to play on his instrument and  peers into the window to have a laugh! I find their eagerness and interest in their own music to be very cute and touching – brotherly love!


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