Passion for Music!

The reality to the end of the year comes as a shock to some of the kids here at Shine Music. Some are stunned to hear that the year has gone by so fast and for about 6 whole weeks (except for those who will be coming in for holiday classes) some won’t be coming in because of the summer holidays.

However, its great to still hear some of the comments to come out. One example is a young piano student who won’t be making it to his last lesson next week due to holiday plans. Thus, he requested his teacher if he could come in on the wednesday just so he can have one more lesson with her. But, unfortunately it wasn’t possible instead he was sent away with lots of work to do over the holidays.

Another student also requested her mother if she could come in for holiday lessons so she won’t forget what she learnt. This just shows how passionate our students from Shine Music are!


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