To Learn or Not to Learn?

The concept of learning tends to be associated with children – children have to go to school, learn everything they can to get into a ‘higher’ school, and eventually end up in university. Although majority of students who learn music begin at a younger age, it is not uncommon to have adult students begin to learn music. Adults, in fact, have had more time to decide which instrument or what type of music they would enjoy. As a result, they are able to devote quality time into something that they can become very passionate about. Everyday life and work can create alot of stress, as an adult. Music is a great way to relieve this stress and focus on something you can enjoy!

To all you adults out there, who are wondering what they can do with their spare time or what to do to relieve stress – learning a new instrument is a great idea! It doesn’t matter how old you are, you can never stop learning! Keeping your brain active as you grow older can also help prevent memory loss and dementia that comes with age! =)



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2 responses to “To Learn or Not to Learn?

  1. Great article, great looking weblog, added it to my favs!!

  2. I really appreciate how encouraging you are of adults learning an instrument!

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