Group Settings

Apart from the incomparable joys of photocopying and filing reports, today has been a relatively quiet day in the life of the front desk girl at Shine Music. The most exciting and brain-picking thing she is doing today is probably writing this blog post.

Listening to some students playing the piano tonight, she indulges in reminiscence, back to the days when she used to learn the piano. She remembers how funny it was that every time she learnt a new piece from her teacher, she would suddenly forget how to play it when the teacher wasn’t there to guide her, and how difficult it was to practice by herself.

The period where she improved her skills vastly was when she played the keyboard for a band. And that is when she realizes, doing things in a group setting rather than by yourself can help you improve immensely, as well as help you stay motivated throughout the whole process.

Having said all this, maybe she should start a band…


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