Best time of the year!

All of the goodbyes, “Merry Christmas”s, and “See you next year!”s are now being exchanged at the end of each lesson. Despite the relatively large list of homework now being given by teachers to students, you can still see the excitement and anticipation in each of the students’ eyes as they walk out of the door…for the last time this year!

The end of the year is the time when everyone relaxes, generosity becomes everyones virtue and everyone is happier than they have been all year long! Everyone is wishing everyone else a Merry Christmas, and all of the stores are playing their dusty Christmas CDs! All of the students have been practising their Christmas songs for a reason – Christmas concerts, church events are just around the corner!

There is something about any Christmas song that makes me feel all dreamy and happy inside. That is why this time of the year is the best (in my opinion). I hope this Christmas is full of happiness to all of you readers out there! =D


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