Thoughts and ponderings

This is my last day at the front desk for the year 2009. Atypically, I have run out of fresh ideas just on this last day and am now just flipping through all of my memories of the year that has passed. Faces of individual students, parents and teachers pass by – the conversations we had, facial expressions of students before a lesson, the pride gleaming from parents’ faces at the Annual concert, and even the critical faces of both parents and students as they read their last report for the term. As the year comes to an end, students have progressed a step further than where they were at when they first began here, due to a year of hard work and practice.

As I sit here, I wonder what the new year will bring – as well as all of the new students who will sign up to learn lessons. Despite the economic crisis, parents and students will continue to sign up and learn. This is because music is an essential part of life. I apologise for these thoughts, which are somewhat scattered due to my dehydration in this hot weather. I will be back next year, rehydrated, and (hopefully) with fresh new ideas to talk about!


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