Better Late Than Never

Today started off as quite a disordered day. Not knowing that the buses were on strike today, I stood at the bus stop in the rain, holding a small, flimsy thing they call an umbrella, for 20 minutes, mumbling things about the public transport system under my breath that I should not mention again here. After a while, two school students came up to me.

School student: “Are you waiting for the bus?”
Me: “Yes…”
Student: “It won’t come. There’s a bus strike today.”
Me “Oh… Thanks…” *hangs head in epic shame as I trek back home*

Nearing the start of my shift and sweating due to panic, I had to call a friend, who came with her boyfriend to graciously drive me to work. If they had not come to save the day, I would have either been extremely late, or could not have come in at all.

Thankfully I did make it to work and was able to exchange many ‘Merry Christmas’, ‘Happy New Year’ and ‘Happy Holidays’ greetings with everyone and end the year at Shine Music on a very merry note. =)


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