Music – a mere one word that covers thousands of categories and genres and instruments. I always wonder how you can describe what type of music you like, when there are so many different varieties and artists and songs, etc. Whenever someone asks me what my favourite song is, it takes me at least five minutes to decide, and even then I’m not 100% positive that’s my favourite one!

When you are at a young age, such as five years old, it is hard to decide what type of music you like or which instrument would play the music that you would like. You have to put trust in your parent/s to choose, and even though you may want to play a certain instrument (at that age) your parents may not have that trust in you to choose. A young boy, learning the violin, was telling his mother that he wanted to learn the piano instead. However, the mother kept saying “No. You learn the violin now.” I compare this to adult casual students, who come in weekly and learn instruments of their choice. It makes me wonder whether these adults were forced to play a certain instrument when they were young, and now that they are free to choose, they have come back to relive their childhood dreams?

I have wanted to learn the cello since a young age, but was forced by my mother to play the violin. Maybe in a few years, after a full-time job, I may be one of these casual students reliving their childhood dreams!


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