5 year olds

Many parents choose the fifth year for their children to come and learn a musical instrument – possibly to keep in line with their commencement of school. When you look at a five year old, it seems almost impossible to imagine someone that tiny and small capable of sitting down for 30 minutes, let alone being able to play music. I witnessed three different types of five year old children today. All three of them having just experienced their first few days of kindergarten, and all three of them eager yet scared to learn a new instrument. After their trial lessons, one looked like she was about to start crying and left clutching onto her mother’s hand. Another ran out and plucked at guitar strings, ran back into the room, ran back out again, etc. until her mother scolded her. The last one, whom I found the most entertaining, declared that he is going to become a rock star! Our guitar teacher promised that he would support him. I truly wonder what goes through the mind of a five year old – it would be a totally different experience.


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