The Musical Art of Seduction

Valentine’s Day- the long awaited day for couples wanting a romantic day to themselves, while for some unfortunate others, the dreaded day where everywhere they turn they cannot escape the red roses, chocolates and the spreading of this disease they call “love”.

Being an unfortunate other this year (I write like I haven’t been one any other year), I have given some thought into what I should do in order to prevent myself from being alone next Valentine’s Day, and what better way to attract a member of the opposite sex than to captivate their heart with some music, chocolate and maybe a little alcohol to calm those nerves (just kidding about the alcohol, don’t tell your mom).

Wooing a member of the opposite sex with your delightful music requires clever skill (yes by this I mean practice), right timing, and maybe a bit of moonlight and candlelit dinners to help you along the way (yes, this can be done without alcohol). So I’ve come up with 3 simple steps* to follow for a sure way to captivate their hearts:

1. Prepare an event- As difficult as this seems at first, a uniquely planned event such as a nice picnic or something a little more active such as rock climbing might be a nice change from the typical “movie and dinner” dates.

2.Setting the mood- Obviously later on you will be singing or playing a bit of music for them, so after your fun picnic (or other event), set the mood to play them a bit of music, such as seating them at a part of the park with a nice view, etc.

3. Go in for the kill- And by this I mean whip out your guitar, jump on your piano or get out the microphone and speakers, and express your … interest for them through music!

Written by the Love Guru… wannabe.

*Warning: Method not always successful, but one can dream.


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  1. Most people would agree with this, in my opinion the author could not be more right.

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