Great Advertising!

Today has been non- stop with new enquiries about music lessons. Goes to show how effective advertising can go especially with the appropriate words used. More than 50% of people who enquired today were from primary schools that had seen the ad of a “free music lesson” in their children’s newsletter.

And with such a big response, its great to see how many young children and supportive parents are out there keen to learn to play music. Already, I was getting asked for bookings on the spot for the next available time.

However, the biggest standout of effective advertising would have to be a mother and daughter who were so keen about the school they had travelled all the way down here after only seeing it in the newsletter. It was great to see their enthusiasm, not only did they take the time to listen to what shine had to offer but they also stayed back for a trial lesson. In the end it was great to see their expression of “it was worth it” as they finally left the building.


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