Expression of Gratitude

After 21 years of life, I am slowly (and hesitantly) coming to the realization of how much my parents have done for my brother and I, how much they have sacrificed, endured and patiently waited for us to blossom into the (hopefully) pleasant beings that we are today.

Maybe it’s the heat getting to me, or a sudden hit of maturity and sensitivity filling my soul, but today I feel as though we owe a very big thank you to our wonderful parents.

Having come in to Shine today straight from a friend’s birthday BBQ, I realize just how much parents do for their children. My friend’s parents not only provided us with a feast, but also set up the BBQ and cleaned the place after everyone left, not to mention after having woken up at 4am to start preparing all the food!

Not being a parent myself, I can only imagine the sacrifices and hard work they do to provide for the family and make sure we receive the best they can offer. And watching all the parents that come in each week to wait for their child’s lesson to finish just proves how much they dedicate to their children!

So if you haven’t already, express your gratitude and say a big thank you to your parents today!


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