Young Students Making Observations

Sitting at the front desk for a few hours, one often likes to observe the students, parents and often siblings that come in and out of the school, laughing to myself about the funny things they do or say, and mentally noting anything peculiar that I might come across.

Well it seems that I’m not the only one who makes these observations. Today our guitar teacher was telling me about a funny young student he has who always comes a few minutes early to the school and waits for the student before him to finish. Whilst waiting, he always “observes” (I’ll refrain from using the word ‘stares’) his teacher, mentally noting any questions to ask him later on when his lesson begins.

And out of all the funny and uncanny questions our guitar teacher gets asked from this particular student, one of the more memorable ones was “Why do you always yawn?” to which he found it difficult to reply.

I always have a good laugh hearing what random questions kids think up. Well, at least it’s good (I hope?) to know that young students don’t just sit around staring off into space, but also take the time to make some fantastic (or strange) observations.


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