Motivational Teachers

During school my teachers made a large impression on me. I blamed them purely for my learning ability (or lack thereof) in any of my subjects. The subjects taught by teachers I loved, admired, respected and adored were the ones that I excelled and spent the most time in. Other teachers, those who bored me, always gave me negative comments, didn’t help me when I didn’t understand something, etc. (I could go on) helped make me hate any subject – even one that I may have been eager to learn. I chose one of those elective subjects in high school (geography) purely because the teacher (a very cool, nice one) needed numbers to establish her class. She made that subject (geography) so fun and interesting that I am now pursuing it as one of my majors in my university degree.

Teachers teach thousands of students in their lifetime, and only those few “special” students get remembered. Likewise, we have many teachers in our lifetime, and only those who we truly respected and admired get written down as inspirational. As a teacher, it would be nice to be remembered as someone truly inspirational and encouraging in at least one person’s life.


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