Shine Fun Dollars

A new system implemented by our school last year called ‘Shine Fun Dollars’, for those who don’t know, is a system where students who have been practicing consistently throughout the week receive fun money from their teacher for their hard efforts. The amount the student gets is dependent on the teacher (so you may want to bribe your teacher with some chocolate or candy).

After they have collected enough money, they are able to choose a prize to claim for all their hard work. This could range from a candy bar to a DS game or a gift voucher. So for obvious reasons, the diligent students spend a lot of time practicing at home to be awarded these fun dollars.

For some students (particularly the younger ones), collecting these fun dollars is a matter of life and death. If, at the end of a lesson, their teacher forgets to give them fun dollars, I hear the little ones say “May I please have some fun dollars for all my practice?”, accompanied, no doubt, by those cute puppy-dog eyes that stare up at their teacher to which you cannot say no.

But the funniest incident I witnessed would have to be when a young student was counting the fun dollars he had collected, and also had in his hand some coins for the jelly bean machine. He accidentally dropped everything in his hands, and immediately dropped to his knees. But the first thing he frantically started grabbing was not the real money, but his Shine Fun Dollars. Kid, for that you well and truly deserve your DS game.


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