Soundtrack of your Life

All of the best, memorable movie scenes have just as memorable and hectic a song playing in the background. It is the background music that made everyone so scared of sharks in JAWS, and the shrieking violins in Alfred Hitchcock’s PSYCHO that has made people wary about taking a shower alone at night! And why does everyone love Whitney Houston’s song “Hero”? It fit that scene in the movie “Bodyguard” so perfectly! “And I~~~will always love you!” Such an amazing scene…

Have you ever heard the lyrics to a song and thought “this describes my life perfectly!” ? Certain lyrics can be wishfully heard,  where I want my life to be like this song. Sometimes it might not even be the lyrics, but the tune itself. A tune could reflect (and affect) your mood through its pitches, rhythm and beat! Songs for certain events, such as those played during tragedies (i.e. when the song “Amazing Grace” is played at funerals and during natural disaster clips on TV) just cause my heart to crunch up and tears to well up in my eyes.

If you ever hear someone subconsciously humming a tune or singing a song to themselves, that is the song being played for that scene of your life! Maybe we should try and write our own songs for the different stages in our lives…and create our own soundtrack!


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  1. Odaj

    To the writer,

    Firstly, I would like to point out I have never replied or posted a comment to a blog so please excuse my comment if it is not the right format! Be leneant 🙂

    I would have to agree with your comments as I believe that everyone should use music throughout their lives to enhance or soften a mood or experience we may face. Whether it be listening to Linkin Park’s “99 problems” when we are just angry at the world and want to vent our frustrations, or Natasha Bedingfield’s “Put Your Arms Around Me” to remind us that there is always some that will do just that and comfort us in times of need.

    With technology being advanced as it is today, it is almost impossible for people to not be exposed to music in some way, shape or form. As we move through life, we learn that we can’t do everything on our own or we can’t always make someone happy. But music can. It will never be out of reach, always be around us. Music is always changing and there are so many genre’s and artists that there will always be a song that will just sum up our feelings and emotions perfectly. For me, a Korean song called ‘Its Okay’ always evokes happiness within me and represents the larger part of the past 8 months and 4 days of my life. . . the lyrics seem to encapsulate my feelings towards the one I care for.

    So yes, I would encourage all to, I don’t know about writing, but creating a soundtrack to our lives!

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