Extra Tuition

It’s interesting to note the differing cultures at our school, and consequently the different habits or values that people have, as well as different views and opinions due to these cultural influences.

Having a mainly Korean background, for example, it is the custom to greet older people (and people you do not know well) by bowing and using formal language. However, in the Australian culture, it is more laid back, and people greet others they see for the first time at the bus stop with a casual ‘Hello, how are you?’ and treat each other equally (a concept which my father still does not comprehend).

Perhaps with multiculturalism being a large factor of the Australian culture, migrants have brought with them a small piece of their own culture here. A few teachers and I were talking about different cultures and values the other day, and one commented on how the Asian culture of doing lots of tutoring and extra work is really settling in to the Australian culture.

He commented on how kids these days are swamped with homework from tutoring for english, mathematics and science, on top of their music homework, swimming classes, and school homework. I told him about the Korean culture, and how in Korea kids even go to Origami tutoring because they say that doing Origami helps kids think creatively.

Although a bit of extra tuition might give us a bit of a head start, I think we can live without it, and should relax and take a moment to breathe, enjoy a bit of music, and not stress out so much about tutoring homework!


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