Something New

There is something quite magical and fascinating about something new. I used to think that it was mainly just young kids, and then maybe females, who would obsess over material things. Young children go crazy over a new toy or clothing that they wanted; you see them carrying it with them everywhere they go (to the shopping centre, church and even into bed!). This obsession lasts until the excitement of the new object dies down, and it just gets added on to an already existing pile of clothing or toys. Its not just children – even at my age, as an adult, a new purchase or gift of something that I have wanted is a very exciting thing. A new pair of shoes are either cherished and kept in the shoebox for the special occasion, or could be worn every day no matter where you’re going.

These thoughts came to me as a young student finally received his new violin. With this new violin comes the great feeling of having “grown up” physically, as well as the excitement of playing on a new instrument. The teacher commented that she’s never seen her student’s face so bright and happy, despite the fact that he is one of her most eagerly practicing students. I can imagine him going home and polishing his new violin every day (after practicing for as long as he can) for the next few weeks!


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