The Sky is the Limit

When I hear the quote “the sky is the limit”, I automatically put it into a pile of motivational, life-encouraging quotes; these quotes are nice to read in a little book, or on the side of a newspaper. For me, these quotes usually seem so far out of reach; far enough to not be a part of your own reality. Teachers, parents, other adult-figures always tell you to become someone hectic later on in life because, of course, the sky is the limit! This doesn’t really help the journey you have to make to reach the sky. No one tells you how hard its going to be, or how much practice, effort and time you have to put into achieving this goal. Sometimes you just have to learn on your own. If a teacher discourages a student by saying that he or she can’t play this piece or be prepared in time for exams, I think that the student should fight back and say that he or she can. They just have to put it the effort and really try!

Honestly, I don’t think the sky is the limit. We can go beyond and even further than our own expectations and reach for the moon…or even the next galaxy! Just know that in order to get there, you will have to put in all of the effort and time to make yourself that space ship.


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