It’s Moments Like These You Need…

Continuing on from one of our previous blog posts about how music is such a mood setter, I’ve also noticed how music softens the blow of awkward moments. I myself am quite the awkward person at times, not knowing what to say to certain people who are too outgoing for my simpleton mind and quiet personality.

Today at uni, I happened to meet eyes with a person that I met at a uni event a few months back. We hadn’t seen each other in a long time, and we were not that well acquainted, so our awkward “Hey, how have you been?” conversation lasted about 7 seconds before we felt the cold wind blowing, heard the crickets chirping, and saw the crow flying over our heads “Gah… Gah… Gah…”…
… which led me to remember a time when I felt that similar awkward moment at Shine.

A student who had been coming for a few weeks just walked in, so I said a friendly “Hey Rebecca!” to her. All would have been swell… except for the fact that her name was not Rebecca (although it did start with an ‘R’).

I continued looking at her, waiting for my response, but the only thing she responded with was a puzzled face. I looked back with an even more puzzled face thinking ‘Why is she looking at me like that… Is there something on my face…’.

She muttered a soft (possibly forced) ‘hi’ and sat down in the waiting area. I soon realized that her name wasn’t Rebecca, and let out a short but audible ‘oh!’ gasp, which “Rebecca” obviously heard, because she avoided any eye contact after that. The awkward silence that followed was even more painful than being hit in the face by a volleyball. Out came the imaginary crickets, the crow, and a tumbleweed that rolled between us. I was thinking ‘Should I say sorry and get back to work? Should I say sorry and laugh it off? Should I even say anything? Oh My God this is sooo awkward…’

I could tell from her awkward face that she was dying for the student before her to finish their lesson so she could run in and escape this awkward moment. Sigh.

It’s moments like these you need… a bit of background music.


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