Breaking Down

After a fresh start of a new year and start of school, the stresses of life eventually get to you and tear you apart. After feeling sick with a drastically mutated form of the cold for over two weeks now, my once healthy and strong body is slowly breaking down. My eyes are red, teary and straining to stare at the screen; the skin on my nose so torn apart I need to apply paw paw ointment to keep it from hurting when I have to blow my nose (a once every few minutes occurrence) and overall, I look…sick. I have now realised, the way you feel is the way you look from the outside. When someone is truly happy and excited, you can tell by the radiant smiles, eyes crinkling, lips upturned – like most of the students who walk in. On the other hand, I have become something like a monster… physically looking ill with characteristic dark circles under the puffy eyes, a pale face, red nose and a tissue attached almost permanently to my nose.

When I feel sick, I don’t want to face the public unless I have a balaclava, scarf and am basically unrecognizable to the public. I can imagine the shock and horror some of the students and parents would feel if they came in and saw me sitting here with a balaclava on. The students on Thursday afternoons have become accustomed to seeing my face, usually excited to meet them. Today, their looks become that of concern and worry – asking if I’m okay yet moving away each time I sneeze. Autumn is here, and I have surely become a reminder to all of the students and parents who walked in today to go and take their cold vaccinations.


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