Guitar Woes

Guitar players make playing the guitar look so easy, just sitting there, relaxed, strumming away at the guitar strings, often accompanied by some light singing. Whenever I watch guitar players, they always seem at ease, as if the world is their oyster. So last night, I challenged myself to learn a whole song on the guitar.

I was over at my cousin’s house for a family gathering, so I asked my cousin, who has been playing the guitar for quite some time, to teach me how to play “Angel of Mine” by Monica (I don’t know why he knows how to play this song… I think I should give him some sheet music for songs like “American Idiot” by Green Day or something…).

However, after I watched him play the first chord about 35 times and then tried it myself, it was so difficult to even get my hand wrapped around the …I want to say finger board?… or even getting my fingers in the right place! After about 10 minutes, I finally got them in place and strummed the first chord, which I now practice at home on my brother’s guitar (yes, it is just one chord, but it is so hard!).

So to all guitar players, I just want to say “Wow! How do you guys do it!? But nevertheless, keep up the awesome playing!”

P.S. It might take a few months, but I WILL learn the whole song! … Maybe I can play it for someone next Valentine’s Day…


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