The Wrong Instrument

Choosing and learning to play an instrument can be a fulfilling, life-long achievement. You can play music you enjoy at any time of your life; whether you’re stressed, bored, or asked to play at a wedding or event – it can benefit you for the rest of your life! Of course, you have to master it as well as you can for a good decade (give or take a few years depending on your level).

Despite the beauty of it all, sometimes (and this happens quite often) people choose the wrong instrument. Why is it wrong? Well, I don’t mean the word “wrong” here as the dictionary might define: “not in accordance with what is morally right or good”. I mean it to mean that an instrument can be wrong in accordance with you as a character. Some people can spend years trying to learn an instrument that they might have been forced to learn, or one they initially thought they would enjoy. However, after the years pass and your interest dwindles away…people find themselves having wasted all this time and effort on something they choose not to play. Of course, this time hasn’t been really wasted, as learning music will benefit you in many aspects of your life. It just may have been that you could have spent that time on the instrument most suited for you.

If you don’t enjoy an instrument – you might not practice enough (or even want to practice), you should stop playing it. Unless you try and find some form of motivation and encouragement that works for you, it will be a waste of time and money for both you, your parents (if applicable) and even your teacher! Watching students change back and forth from teachers, instruments and even music schools can be tiring for them – but at least they are on their way to finding the right instrument for them!


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