What is music worth? I always wonder how you can put a quantitative unit onto music – the music industry seems to put a price to different albums, singles, and even individual songs (for e.g. on iTunes). The worth of a CD when it first comes out can be almost up to $50 per CD, depending on the number of tracks, the popularity of the artist and the popularity of any of the songs on the album. After time, perhaps in a year or even in a few months, the worth of the album as well as the songs on that album, decrease gradually until you can find ‘CD’s For Sale’ in those large bins/boxes at JB HI FI!

My mother personally thought she had wasted her money after I have up violin lessons after 6 years. Despite all of the telling off I received after I told her that I didn’t want to play anymore, I don’t think it was a waste. I now know and understand concepts of music that someone who never learnt music would know. When I feel like it, during the holidays and occasionally to accompany my sister playing the piano, I play the violin again. Later on, when I have more free time (possibly after university) I still want to pursue violin again (or the cello) as a hobby!

Music can’t be measured, or put a measure of ‘worth’ into. It is priceless!


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