The importance of homework is often not completely understood by students until later in life when they realize that actually taking the time and putting in the effort to do one’s homework was what got them through school, finishing a degree, studying for exams, and so on.

Being a uni student, I have now realized just how important doing homework really is (yes, a bit slow I know). Doing homework can in actual fact be the deciding factor on whether you will get an A or an A+, or if you come first or second in your grade.

Whether it be for a straight hour or for two sets of thirty minutes (or more), every day students should be setting aside time to complete their homework. Not only will this confirm your knowledge of  concepts learnt during class, but it will also make revising for exams easier as you have already familiarized yourself with how to apply the theory you’ve learnt to solve questions.

Doing your homework will also help you keep up to date with the work in class. Today a student who did not compete their theory homework had to complete it during their lesson time, slowing down their progress in piano as well as eating away her time for the practical part.

So to all students, please please PLEASE complete your homework before coming to class!


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