There are a few times throughout a period of growing and development (in this case of learning an instrument) where a teacher must scold his/her student. This may be due to a variety of reasons ranging from a constant lack of doing homework set by the teacher the week before, lack of practicing, not focusing in class, not coming to lessons. Of course, background reasons may exist such as a prolonged illness or even a family matter that prevents a student from doing some of the above. However, there are some students who always let it get to that point where the teacher has to make a stand – this could be to tell the student that if they won’t practice or focus in class continually, that they should just stop lessons (or to talk to their parents).

Although this may not sound very pleasing to any future or currently existing student, disciplining is sometimes needed for any student to regain focus and motivation. If you have let yourself get to that point where you aren’t progressing due to your own lack of motivation and practice, your teacher should let you know what you have to do! After seeing how disappointed and unhappy a student had made her teacher last week due to her lack of practice and incentive to learn, she went home and finally decided to practice. This week, the teacher came out with words of praise and encouragement. The student left our school looking a little brighter than when she first came in. Discipline, although not beneficial on a constant basis, can be quite helpful when nothing else seems to work.


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