Sitting here at the front desk for the past three years at Shine has provided me with a number of experiences. Of course, it is only through sitting here that I am even able to think back and reminisce on some of these. Of these experiences, one of the best has been able to grow friendships or acquaintances with the students and teachers here. Experiencing everyone here, as well as myself, blossoming mentally, physically and possibly even intellectually, has been a wonderful experience. It seems to be kind of like what a parent would experience through watching their child grow from a tiny foetus into a talking, moving human being! I guess that’s how the music teachers feel, as they watch their student progress and learn the instrument that they are teaching.

Talking to one of the teachers today made us both realise how much one student in particular has grown over the past three years. Now an HSC student, almost entering university, this student has blossomed from once a shy, timid and quiet young boy into a confident almost-man who is even practicing ballads to play for girls! I remember the first year, pretty much, he wouldn’t look directly into my eyes when I’d hand out newsletters or notices, he would sit quietly and answer with a nod or shake of his head. Now he comes in tall and smiling, confidently asking me how my week has been and continues to tell me about his week!


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