Busy Lifestyle

These days I am beginning to wish that there were more hours in a day, or more days in a week. Not having enough time to do everything I want to do, I find myself very sleepy, tired, and also most likely grumpy, especially in the mornings at my 8am lectures.

Friend: “Goooood morning! =)”
Me: “Whaaaaat…” *glares at friend*

Juggling uni, work, volleyball, church, and of course keeping the social status up (hard work, probably because I am not the most social person) can be very tiring.

Just when I thought I had a busy life, I see students at Shine who have more on their plate than I do, juggling school, music lessons, various sports such as swimming, soccer, football or ballet, extra tuition, and all the extra curricular activities they are involved in at school such as choir and cadets, not to mention all the homework they get! It is very humbling to see that they do not complain about it but rather have fun.

Maybe it is because they are young and are buzzing with energy, but I would just like to say keep up the good work and do everything you can! (I am very jealous right now.)


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