How to be Smarter

Everybody knows that learning how to play an instrument, or learning music in general helps the development of the brain and helps with people’s memory, logical thinking and maths, just to name a few areas in which music helps with one’s intelligence.

So accordingly, many parents send their kids off to music tuition, hoping that it will boost their children’s I.Q. (which is the abbreviation for “Intelligence Quotient” for those that didn’t know… you learn something new every day!), whilst their children have fun (right?).

Studies have actually proven this! I read an article somewhere that a doctor spent a whole year teaching a bunch of children music, and making sure they practiced every day for at least 15 minutes, just to prove this fact… and he did!

So whether it be just for fun or if you want to improve your marks at school, grab your music book and practice your music every day! You might just as well find that you are remembering things better and can solve those tough maths questions with ease!


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