Love Songs~

Excitement and love is in the air as one of our fabulous music teachers is getting married very soon! Talk of marriage, weddings and love songs has got me thinking about how music relates to all of this. Many of you readers may not have been in a relationship previously, whilst others might currently be in one! For those who have not been in one ~ here is some advice on how to get yourself into one! The language of love can be extremely hard to express, even saying the words “I Love you” or “I Like you” can be hard; for those who are in relationships, it might still be hard to say it now!

A great way to express your feelings to someone, whether it is to say that you like them, you love them, you are grateful for all they have done for you, etc. (I could go on forever), all you have to do is leave it to music! There might be that perfect song out there, the one where all the lyrics match exactly how you are feeling and what you want to say to that special someone. The easier way out might be to dedicate a love song -[ does anyone listen to 106.5FM Richard Mercer’s Love Song Dedications? ]. Or you could take that extra step by having a few lessons to learn how to play or sing that particular song (or even BOTH!). Performing a love song to someone is a very touching, personal experience for the both the performer and the person who the performance is for. This is a great way to capture the heart of almost anyone!


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