Busy Saturday!

Doing a Saturday for the first time is actually quite a different atmosphere in comparison to the weeknights that I usually do. One big difference that I noticed today is how busy it can get.

As you may not know but we have a green gate that poses as the first point of entry to the building before getting to Shine. This gate closes on particular occasions simply due to security and safety purposes. So as a solution to this problem we’ve put a doorbell up for our students to ring to let us know that they’ve arrive, which brings me in the picture to run down and open that green gate. With an early start of 8:30am I already begin my day by running down numerous times to open that gate. Not that I’m really complaining considering the fact that the last time I probably exercised was … I honestly don’t remember. Nonetheless, with the lovely warm weather and about 50 students coming in today for their lessons of either drums, guitar, piano, and violin I’m feeling the consequences of being so unfit. But in the end, that sweaty workout definitely did me good and would probably benefit me for the next week or two.


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