A Longer Life

Did you know that one of the most important things in your life, something that will help you live longer (until past the age of 100), is family?A good family network, whether it involves a good relationship with your partner, your parents, your children and/or your grandchildren, is the key to a happy, longer life! Staying active, eating healthy foods and staying away from too much alcohol or cigarettes may sound like something you always hear from your parents, your teachers, the Heart foundation, and all of those ‘healthy’ research institutions.

You’d think that people would trust the people who make a living out of researching the factors to a healthier lifestyle, as well as those older than us who have a lot more experience. Fast foods and alcohol may be things that certain people can live without. However, keeping them to a minimum would be advised by seniors who have lived up and beyond the age of 100.

The past week, ending on the 28th, was celebrated as Seniors Week in Sydney. Seniors from all over Sydney have contributed to these tips. It would be wise to put our trust in the wiser – those who have lived for decades longer than we have.


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