Life at the Front Desk

The last day of term 1 is here and the time at the front desk has just flown by! Everyone here is in a flurry to get their shopping done before the Easter holidays, and excitement is in the air! Students are giddy from their Easter chocolate eggs whilst anticipating their 2 week holiday from school! Some students seem to have forgotten that today is not a holiday, and haven’t turned up to lessons! They’ve probably taken an early holiday. Students and teachers alike are discussing what they’ll be doing; going away, catching up on sleep, and even getting married (Congratulations to our fabulous teacher Isabel!)! The excitement of everyone around me has caught onto me, causing even me to be excited, although I don’t have as great of a reason to; I only have a one week ‘holiday’, if I can even call it that – it is more like a ‘study break’. Right after this one week will be a pile up of exams and assessments! *Sigh. Great way to kill the excitement!

Oh well, before the school closes down for the holidays the front desk area has been dusted down, wiped clean and packed away! I hope everyone has a Happy Easter holiday, and remembers to stay safe and smart! Time to pig out on chocolate!


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