The Environment, Economy and Shine

The world has become such that it is constantly using up the environment and everything is being explained as a result of global warming. As humans, we all need to use up resources in order to maintain our standard of living. The recent global financial crisis caused a severe impact on economies all over the world – even hitting Australia (though not as severely as other countries). As everyone focuses on economic growth, the environment becomes more of a concern and an issue.

So why am I going on about economics and the environment in a music school? All of these issues link back down to right here! To learn music, we need to use up countless resources – photocopying of paper, music books, electricity, instruments…I could go on forever. The question is – how environmentally sustainable are we being, and are we willing to pay the costs? Air conditioning is seen as almost a necessity today, but the environmental costs of running an a/c during any warm day could cost a lot more than using a towel to wipe the sweat off our backs! (I’m not a Greenpeace advocate – I swear!). People consider economic growth and the environment as such an external issue to our every day lives, but I think that people need to realise that these issues need to be thought about in EVERY little aspect of our lives i.e. learning music, which is considered to be, likewise, a necessity for (brain) development.


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