The World has gone Crazy

There is chaos in just about every part of the world! Just by looking at the news headlines you can see that around the world, there is something going on: earthquakes in California, volcano in Iceland creating havoc and further crisis in all of Northern Europe, which also affects African exports (where agricultural foods are exported to Europe) further affecting famine already existing in Africa, the worst plague of locusts in N.S.W, Australia, and even political unrest in Thailand!

Of everything listed above, you would think that none of these would affect our lives, or our music school. Unfortunately, we have two of our teachers stuck in Thailand due to political unrest! The news lists continual bombing, deaths, blocking of trains and hotel areas in Thailand. I hope that our teachers (and all of the civilians) are safe and well! I also hope that this type of situation helps people to realise, like it does for me, that we are very lucky to be living in a country in which severe violence does not exist. We are lucky to be sitting peacefully, enjoying the sounds of music without the constant threat of political unrest. =)


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