Don’t judge a book by its cover!

Having done only two shifts on Friday I’m gradually learning the student’s names and how they are as a person. Appearance and first impression like many will say matter and for some it plays a significant role in how you perceive a person. One particular piano student physically comes in and in all honesty looks like he has no interest in music and yet when he stepped into his lesson to play the piano, it was beautiful.

Usually, you notice trends among students and with boys they usually play their musical pieces quite quickly.  However, with this particular student he played his pieces with such passion that made myself even want to get back into learning an instrument.


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One response to “Don’t judge a book by its cover!

  1. You’ve got an amusing blog. I totally agree that we shouldn’t judge by outer appearance. Once a transfer student came to me looking like he was there because of his mum’s insistence, but as the first lesson passed, and the weeks rolled on, his interest was renewed through the addition of new repertoire and learning about new techniques. Sometimes it’s just a change of teacher or approach that will refresh passion.

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