Past Regrets, Future Hope

There are many people who have lived without music – this may include those who have not had the opportunity, for whatever reason, to learn an instrument or music theory, those who are unable to hear, or those who have not lived in the vicinity of anyone or anywhere that teaches music. I can tell when these people come to our school, usually for their child/children who has/have expressed an interest in music. These parents are not sure what they are to expect; this notion of a music school and its features are bewildering and new to them. The idea of a ‘free lesson’ is even more of a shock – as they cautiously confirm “this is a free lesson, right?”  After being introduced to the school and having their first free lesson, these parents come out wishing they had access to something like this when they were younger. Their regrets are then transferred into hope and passed down to their children, who sit humming a tune they have just learnt as their parents sign them up!

In my opinion, adult students at our music school progress faster than younger students. When I am older, I will make sure my children (if I have any) will have the opportunity to learn any form of music.


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