For the Love of Children

Young kids are always so full of energy, running around, questioning everything they see and can think up! Two new younger students today had me marveling at the amount of energy children can consume (especially in parents). Of course, their enthusiasm in anything new and interesting can’t be looked down upon, but the mother of two looked at me with a worried expression when the two children wanted to learn 3 different instruments! Trying to help her out, I asked one of them whether he was willing to practice each instrument at least 15 minutes every day for the rest of his school term. After thinking for awhile, his enthusiasm had slightly died down as he realised that his TV time would be cut short. However, when the guitar teacher brought out a guitar, he was up and running again “I want my new guitar now!”. Both he and his younger brother’s enthusiasm had me amused, yet slightly concerned as to whether they could keep up for the rest of the term.


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