Slinky’s and Yo-yo’s

Sitting at a desk all day and watching everyone else move around you can make one become quite lazy. Today has been a long day, waking up at 6am, arriving at uni so early that I had to turn on the lights for the lecture room, coming straight to Shine afterwards and getting to work! Right now, one of my more favourite students and I are having a conversation about slinky’s and yo-yo’s (I’m not a teacher so I’m allowed to have favourites, aren’t I?). Fran, one of our teachers, left it on the front desk for us girls to play with while we’re reading, God bless her! Playing with the slinky has led us to an in-depth discussion of the differences between yo-yo’s and slinky’s! Of them both we have concluded that slinky’s are cooler, because you can make them walk down the stairs – an experiment we tried right here at the school!

Such is the life of the front-desk girl – enjoying simpler conversations with students, listening to the simple music played by students and not having to worry about the pile of homework and assessments at home!


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