Tips to beat a Cold!

The weather has officially changed to winter! The change in weather has brought to my attention that many of our music students are calling in because they are sick! Despite the fact that I have also caught the cold and am suffering from its symptoms – the worst ever being a runny yet stuffed nose, I have decided not be stuck in bed all day taking pills after pills. There are so many cold medications out there, non-prescription, that I have tried ALL of – which don’t seem to help at all! While some may help just to relieve the symptoms, I have realised there are ways to help you deal with a cold better using natural methods!

Taking a few drops of echinacea – a syrupy medication made from a herb flower, with your juice every meal helps substantially relieve your symptoms and even prevent you from catching a cold! Exercise every day – walking, running, sports, etc. all help to keep your body healthy and strong! This does actually help your body cope with a cold and recover faster than you usually would! Dress warm when you go out in the cold, and when you sweat it up (either by running around or moving alot) don’t take off your jacket immediately! The sudden change in temperature can make your body feel weak afterwards, and then make it easier to catch a cold!

Make sure you stay away when you actually have a cold, and clean your hands with disinfectant after every sneeze! Hope this helps!


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