A New Language

I consider myself to be one of the lucky few who gets to experience the joy (and sometimes the aggravating stress) of learning a new language. Currently studying Japanese at uni, I empathize with anyone who feels the stress and hardships of learning a new language (and especially empathize with the ones who angrily throw anything within their reach out of frustration whilst studying for an exam… not that I do this).

But at the end of the day, I look back on how much I can actually communicate in Japanese, and am always very glad that I chose to study another language. I really believe learning a new language opens up new doors and expands our horizons.

Having said all that, I am a firm believer in music being the best language to learn. The beauty of learning the language of music is that there is no need for talk, no need to remember an unending list of vocabulary or how to structure sentences; no need to learn grammar. Just allow yourself to express your thoughts and feelings (even your frustration) through your piano, guitar, voice, or any other instrument you learn.

But the best thing about the language of music is that you can communicate with anyone, anywhere, any time, any how with any instrument, and it will be instantly received, understood and appreciated.


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