Everyone finds the need to be unique – an individual, despite the commonality of certain things. For example, everyone who has an iPhone feels the need to find a unique phone cover to differentiate their own phone with the other million iPhones out there! Instruments, too, can now be personalised – of course this depends on the amount of money you are willing to spend on it. Instruments can be engraved on, covered with stickers or a special type of contact/covering, and where this might not be possible the instrument cases can be individually personalised through stickers, graffiti-style drawing or writing and colours! Recorders come in pink, and guitar picks range in many different patterns and colours (though we stick to simple colours here).

Personalisation may be great for mobile phones and pencil cases at school, but when it comes to music I think that the passion coming out of the student through the music is what makes it personal. The relationship between a person and his/her instrument can be a personal one – where the instrument is taken extreme care of, wiped down clean after each session and accompanied by only the best accessories; or chucked aside after each lesson for the parent to pick up and carry home!


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