Adults vs. Children

When it comes to students at our music school, I always compare the adult students with the very young children – usually it is easier to converse and communicate with the adult students. For me, the adult students at our school generally learn their instrument and music at a faster pace as they assume independence and take part in the evaluation of their own performance. Adults also tend to have higher expectations as they have had a longer time to gain knowledge and experiences of music (whether they have attended more concerts or seen and read more about music). While some of our adult students feel embarrassed when they mention to their friends that they are learning an instrument, I feel that instead they should be proud of themselves. As an adult, you are responsible and independent in your actions – no one is forcing you to learn anything and you are learning an instrument because you want to! I admire all of these adults and respect their decision to dedicate a part of their busy lifestyle to music.


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  1. I wish more people felt this way. I’ve encountered many negative reactions, especially from advanced musicians. I’ve made a habit of not letting other musicians or even their friends know I am learning to play the cello because I find it hard to deal with the attitude I’ve frequently gotten. Thanks for being so positive!

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