Cute little kids

I love cute children. I don’t mean to say that all children aren’t cute – they all have the capability to be cute, just as they can be slightly noisy or somewhat crazy (only in their actions). So many cute young children come into our music school eager to learn music – demanding their parents to let them learn the recorder, the flute, the guitar, etc. until realising that each instrument means more practice and less time for play! It is precisely this initial eagerness and confidence that makes them cute, as well as their crestfallen faces when they realise that they, in fact, cannot do everything.

One such child, who was picking out pens from the front desk, answered “make white” with confidence when asked what the liquid paper (that they were holding) was. Another was struggling to carry a handful of jellybeans, but kept dropping jelly beans all over the floor – each time making a cute little “oh”! Watching and listening to these cute little kids makes my day or night at the front desk fly by!


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