Jelly Bean Machine

For those that are not familiar with Shine Music, we have a jelly bean machine at our school which seems to have an everlasting supply of jelly beans. Every day, students run in with a dollar coin in their hand, ready to push it into the slot, turn the knob and collect their 15 or so jelly beans that give our students much happiness as they come pouring out of the hole.

The seemingly humble jelly-bean machine, however, is not as innocent as it looks, causing much controversy between our younger students and parents, headaches for our teachers who sometimes have to teach students who are on a sugar high, and of course, the waterworks from little kids who are not allowed to have any jelly beans.

It’s often quite entertaining to watch students rushing in, not for their lesson, but rather for the handful of jelly beans they will receive from this glorious machine. I see where your priorities lie! (Haha) Any obstacles in their way- be it chairs, people, instruments, etc- are skillfully dodged by the students, artistically maneuvering their bodies to avoid these obstacles and stick their dollar coin into the machine as fast as humanly possible.

It is also quite entertaining when students or their younger siblings aren’t allowed to have jelly beans and throw tantrums in the middle of the school (a little bit sadistic I know, but you should watch it, it’s really quite funny!)

And how can I not mention the fight to see who gets the last jelly bean? This usually results in one triumphant smile spread across the face of the student, and a flood of tears and screaming from their younger sibling.

A lot of our students are nice enough to offer me some jelly beans. Sadly, with the whole always-on-a-diet thing going on in the life of a 21 year old female, I will sadly have to decline your jelly bean offers. But I’m sure you aren’t that disappointed when I decline- I know how precious these jelly beans are to you!

The cause of great happiness, sadness, satisfaction, quarrels, tears and headaches, all in one day- our very own jelly bean machine.


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