There is a substantial difference between branded items and non-branded ‘no-frills’ items – most commonly in terms of pricing. This can be said for almost everything – clothes (Levi’s have good jeans, Jimmy Choo shoes!), electronics (Sony, Nokia, Apple), cars (BMW, Lexus), food (Sara Lee, McCains, Cadbury; yes even food has brands!), and so forth.

Brand names come with a whole array of qualities, characteristics and a dependability, which is why we all tend to stick to certain brands; majority of people tend to drive a Toyota because of its relative fuel efficiency, cheaper cost and servicing prices whilst other people will go further to invest in a BMW or a Lexus because of what the brand names imply (i.e. wealth). Even in music, well-known brand names are preferred by our students and parents, such as Yamaha for pianos, Jupiter for brass and woodwind instruments, Vandoren for reeds, Kun for violin shoulder rests…I could literally go on for another page! However, only specialists (i.e. music teachers and musicians) tend to know the names which truly suggest the highest quality for instruments and accessories! This could also require some in-depth research on my part, so I always turn to our Shine teachers when parents and students request for the best!


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