The idea of performing a song or piece that you love, on an instrument that you love in front of a relatively large audience of people can somehow change that ‘love’ and passion for playing into something that makes your nerves turn into jelly and melt onto the floor. This might not be the case for everyone, especially those people out there who were born to perform and are naturally brilliant when put onto a stage! The nerves and the sudden loss of ability to play can all be taken away with practice and with more chances at actually performing live! Practicing to perform in front of a smaller audience (such as your friends, family, even the teachers/front desk girl *cough me* at Shine) could help prepare you to perform in front of a larger audience!

Some of our Shine Music School students have been invited to perform at a Multicultural Night Fundraiser in Chester Hill. Taking this opportunity to perform in front of a relatively larger audience filled with people you may not know would be an intelligent idea – it would be a good preparation step for the end of year Shine concert! The idea of contributing for a good cause could be another motivating factor as well!


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