Long Time No See

After almost a month of absence, one of our students came into our school today. He was firstly greeted with a “long time no see!” from me, and less than a minute later the teacher greeted him with the exact same line. As he walked into his room, he said to no one in particular (possibly to me or to the teacher) “You actually noticed! I thought nobody would miss me. I missed this place!”. I was both slightly shocked and touched by his comment. Of course we noticed that he was absent – he had been away for 4 weeks because of exams and illness. I would like to let the students know that we do care about you and notice you (even your younger siblings who like to hide behind the wall and peep out at me)! A few of our students have been absent due to illness as well as exams, whilst one of our students are coming back from overseas! I hope all of you notice that we notice your absence and realise that we do care and worry if you do not let us know in advance! To all those students who are sick out there, get better soon!!


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