Freezing Cold

It seems to be that the freezing cold weather has prevented many of our students from coming in tonight for their weekly music lesson. Although I would love to have stayed at home in the warmth of electric blankets, hot tea and suffocating gasoline heaters, I was looking forward to meeting some of the students I had previously become acquainted with when Fridays were my regular nights. Unfortunately the cold had driven away many of the familiar faces.

Instead, it was both comforting and pleasant having a chat with our new students (only a few weeks old), previous students whom I had never had the chance to talk to, and our other teachers (not the usual teachers I see and talk to on Wednesdays and Thursdays). The freezing cold weather united us all at the front desk where we shared our life stories. At some point, my hands were too numb to type, so the conversation from our students and parents was much appreciated! Hot chocolate (graciously provided by William!) has put a beautiful, warm end to this freezing cold night! I hope everyone else is as cosy and snug as I now am.


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